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Jira Software is a web-based tool, that spread-out and agile teams use for the coordination of software development. The system allows for the planning, tracking and release of software. Jira Software includes highly efficient functions for every phase of the software development cycle.
With Scrum Boards, Kanban Boards, real time reports, flexible workflows, and individually adjusted dashboards, you can easily manage your projects and therefore focus on the real working processes. While doing so, a wide variety of instruments like epics, user stories, versions, and sprints is available to you.
With Jira Software, there is full transparency of what each team member is working on at the time and how the tasks are accomplished. Jira Software supports focusing on a common goal.

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Agile Software-development

Jira Software is the ideal solution for all agile projects, especially for software development. Agile Scrum or Kanban methods with real time reports can easily be realized thanks to Jira Software. You can fall back on your own agile method or combine Scrum and Kanban.

Effective communication

Thanks to Jira Software, the communication within your agile teams can be improved significantly. Do not write any more e-mails, but use the comment function, @mentions and notifications with full transparency. You can integrate your Jira Software with HipChat and communicate using this chat platform.

Notification functions for kanban teams

Jira Software reports specifically developed for Kanban teams allow for an effective insight into the team’s performance. Use the cumulative diagrams to display processes in a certain status and use control charts to analyze processing times.

Integration of developer tools

Link Jira Software to any Atlassian tool in the development package – Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and HipChat. For the integration, there are about 1.000 plug-ins and add-ons available to you at the Atlassian Marketplace as well as extensive APIs.


With Jira’s dashboards, you can create a personalized interface. You can share dashboards, identify weak spots, create user-defined reports, and track the project status.

Report functions for scrum-teams

Jira Software offers a wide range of evaluation instruments specifically for Scrum teams: burndown chart, velocity chart, epic report, epic burndown, sprint reports, cumulative flow diagram, control chart and release burndown.


Create user-defined workflows of any size, that flexibly adjust to your organization and processes. After working through certain tasks, the processes are automatically assigned to other users or departments.

Release Hub

Use Jira’s release hub to check the status of upcoming releases and to receive warnings if your solved issues still show any open pull requests or have not been checked.

Mobile Applicationen

With Jira Software Mobile, all employees have access to project activities from anywhere. That way, they can track all important topics, join conversations, record new ideas and manage tasks.


Applications development

Organize single project phases with application development. Jira Software helps you with sprint planning, task management and with all steps contributing to an uncomplicated release. Focus on development and do not lose any time with coordinating your agile teams.

Website development

Jira Software simplifies all processes, that lead to the launch of your website. Use the Scrum principle to develop your website and the Kanban method for bug fixing. Use story points to estimate the amount of work involved and assign the processes to different versions.

Product development

Jira Software is not just suitable for software development. An agile product development allows you e.g. to easily assign tasks to single developers and employees. You can easily access the centralized documentation and improve the product versions.


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