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Jira Core is an optimal software solution for business teams, who want to plan, manage, and control projects and tasks easily and professionally. With Jira, all team members, employees, and departments in enterprises of any size can effectively be coordinated.
Structure your processes, projects and tasks and keep track of the whole project workflow / project’s progression. Jira Core’s integrated workflow system allows you to focus on your work instead of manual process configurations. At the same time, you can expand Jira Core thanks to a wide range of plug-ins and adjust it to your enterprise’s requirements. All of Jira Core’s functions are also available to you with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.

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Evaluate Project

Numerous reports, statistics and diagrams display your teams progress in a simple way. Thanks to the visualization, you always keep track of your projects’ development.

Manage the rights of access

Configure the rights of access for certain user groups for individual project phases, tasks, and analyses. That way, users only see, what they are supposed to see.

Optimize Workflows

Configurable workflows are available for your process management. That way, after reaching a certain status, the tasks are automatically assigned to the other authorized users.

Adjust to requirements

Jira Core adjusts to your requirements and conditions. Communicate your corporate identity through a tailor-made design and expand the base functions with diverse plug-ins, add-ons, REST APIs and workflows.

Improve your communication

Thanks to Jira Core, you avoid your employees’ inbox being flooded with e-mails and reduce the number of meetings. Use @mentions and comments to gather ideas and feedback. Team agreements have never been that easy.

Adjust your Interface

Only show your employees the information, that they need to finish their task. Thanks to user-defined arrays and screen masks, you can gather all necessary information to expand the analysis of your projects.

 Manage project tasks

With Jira Core, you keep track of how each individual task is carried out and of how the project’s progress is achieved. Identify weak points, coordinate processes, and intervene as soon as possible.

Time management

Jira Core allows you to assign deadlines to every process. With the aid of employees, who only focus on the essentials, you can reach your project goals in time. That way, you always keep control of your capacity and resource planning.

Work together from anywhere

Atlassian’s apps for smartphones and tablets allow your teams to effectively work together, no matter where they are located at the time. That way, your employees can easily be notified and access projects from anywhere.



Jira Core allows you to effectively plan your marketing campaigns. Monitor the correction and review / checking cycles for all marketing texts – from blogs to brochures and presentation media to press reports.

Human Resources

Thanks to Jira Core, all processes of your personal matters can easily be managed: job advertisements, the recruiting of new employees, trainings, time recording, absence management, event organization and much more.


Always stay up to date with your projects and analyze the processing status of all tasks. That way, you will never miss any deadlines or waste resources. Jira Core is the ideal solution for any project.


Regularly control your legal documents, e.g. non-disclosure agreements, general terms and conditions or privacy policy, before they are signed and published.


Conduct analyses of your purchases, contracts, and inventory and keep costs and savings in balance. With Jira Core, you can centralize all the necessary information and optimize it via evaluation instruments.


Stick to your budgets, check your orders, and finish your booking processes. Jira Core also helps you to hand in your financial reports according to schedule. While doing so, all your team members can centrally comment on the reports and codes.


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