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Now Consultians is your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Austria


Most organizations view their employees, skills, processes, and technologies as strategic assets. They help to achieve the enterprise’s vision and mission. An efficient and effective orientation of skills and resources can contribute to create a strategic advantage on the market – that is where ITIL comes into play. From a global perspective, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most common approach for IT service management. It supports organizations with using their IT to achieve a positive transformation and growth. Even though Atlassian products were originally developed as an issue and project tracker, you can also use them to manage ITIL processes. We configure Jira and Confluence for various ITIL areas and provide solutions complying to your requirements.

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Service Desk

Your clients expect from your enterprise to solve their problems. If you do not deliver as expected, they will immediately change to another provider. Now Consultians can help you to discover new ways to improve their experience with your customer service altogether.

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Service Management

With the project-based approach of the Atlassian products, you have a single solution at your disposal, that lets your teams occupy themselves with their own workflows, data schemes, screens, SLAs and reports, while they provide your teams with universal visibility.

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Incident Management

Unplanned incidents of your IT services? Quality reduction? System failure? Our solution for incident management supports the digital recording, processing and documentation of all incidents posing a risk for quality.

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Are you looking for the proper software to manage complaints? We have a solution! Our experts configure Jira Service Desk, so that a precise complaint assignment to your bussines process and documentation is made possible.

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The requirements management includes several methods and processes, that help you to translate client and market requirements into the right products. With Jira and Confluence, you can gather, categorize, prioritize, and manage requirements.

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Change management covers a wide range of topics, which guarantee a smooth and lasting implementation of changes. Atlassian Jira allows you to achieve positive changes through a systemic approach and to cope with their consequences.

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Jira offers a great environment for team collaboration, from which everyone involved into the development cycle can profit. With expansions, especially developed for test management, you have the proper tool to manage issues, versions, dependences, defects and many more

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Release Management

Are you looking for development tools, that smoothly communicate with each other? Luckily, there are Atlassian tools for teams to rationalize their development methods. We give you advice for choosing the proper solution for your release management.

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Do you want to know, where all your valuable assets are currently located, who is in charge of these assets and who takes over the repair order? With the aid of Jira‘s asset management, you can easily gather all information concerning the fixed assets.

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Identity & Access

Identity & access management is a tool, that helps you to meet the increasing requirements to user management and access and authorization management. We support you with creating a systems environment with the proper accounts, master data and authorizations.

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Support & Alerting

Get a clear overview of the Atlassian products’ services to identify any system errors as soon as possible. We offer monitoring & alerting tools, that deliver flexible performance evaluations and point out problems including their origins.

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Remediation is an essential part of your IT organization’s security strategy. Jira’s numerous functions allow you to not only precisely and efficiently remove weak points or threats, but also to purposefully prepare and plan a remediation strategy.

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